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SETU - Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units


The Survey

The SETU is a single unit and teaching evaluation survey that is administered wholly online each semester across all coursework units. The instrument is composed of 7 university wide unit evaluation items (including 2 qualitative), an optional faculty specific component (up to 5 quantitative items) as well as 4 teaching quantitative evaluation items. An unlimited number of academics associated with each unit offering can be evaluated.

SETU Purpose Statement

SETU is primarily a survey of student satisfaction with their units and teaching staff. It is not explicitly a measure of the quality of teaching or learning, but forms an important part of an overall picture. Its primary purpose is to act as an initial, broad indicator of teaching quality - directing subsequent investigation (using the University's 'traffic light' system) and providing valuable information to inform unit enhancement and the student learning journey.

The data may be used by Faculty and other University staff within contexts such as (but not limited to) unit enhancement, strategic planning, course and unit review and staff development. In particular, it should be used by faculties as a basis for annual reports of improvements made to their units in response to student feedback and by Learning and Teaching support areas to identify priorities for targeted strategies to support teaching staff.

A secondary purpose of SETU is to provide data that may be used by academic staff for the purposes of research.

Policy and Guidelines

Further information on the policy and procedure for the use of SETU data in the performance development process can be found within the Staff Development Procedure for the Academic Staff Performance Development Process.

The SETU results will also need to be provided by staff in the education achievement reports supporting applications for confirmation, promotion or teaching awards. While faculties will determine which units and staff are evaluated each semester, staff may still ‘opt in' to be evaluated should they need the results for these applications.

Further information on the Student Evaluation Policy and the SETU procedures can be found in the Monash University Policy Bank. Additionally, further information regarding work undertaken in 2009 to revise and update the unit evaluation component of the SETU can be found in the paper; Revision of Unit Evaluation Survey.

Survey Administration

The administration of the SETU is managed by the Office of Planning and Quality. Timelines, documentation and training materials related to survey administration can be found on the SETU Survey Administration website.

Teaching Staff Resources

  • The following resources exist for teaching staff to assist in SETU reporting for academic promotion, unit review and performance development:

  • To assist staff in promoting SETU to their students there is a PowerPoint presentation: Monash SETU student presentation available for distribution to students or presentation within class. This presentation provides a summary to students (and staff) on :
    • How SETU data is used.
    • Survey period dates.
    • How to login to the portal to complete an evaluation.
    • Information regarding survey confidentiality and survey result release dates.
    • Details on how survey data is distributed and analysed.

  • To assist in the monitoring of unit response rates, weekly response rate reports will be made available on the website each week during the main survey round. For Semester 1, 2014 the reports will commence from Friday 16 May. These reports are available to all Monash staff and will provide details on the number of enrolments and responses at the unit offering level of detail. There are 3 different sheets within this file – in order to view response rates by unit offering please click on the ‘UOO RESPONSE RATE PIVOT TABLE’ sheet and filter to your unit offering. Response Rates can also be analysed at various levels of aggregation: i.e. ‘Grand Total’ (University wide), ‘Unit owning faculty’, ‘Unit Location’, ‘Unit code’, ‘Unit Owning Department’ etc. Please click here to access the SETU Response Rate Reports.

  • SETU faculty representatives - names and contact details of key SETU contacts within each faculty. These are your first points of contact relating to requests for teaching evaluations, queries relating to obtaining access to unit evaluation qualitative reports, response rate monitoring etc.

  • Listing of units and teaching staff selected for evaluation in the current and previous survey periods. Use these lists to filter for a specific unit, faculty and/or staff name. If you are not listed for evaluation in the current round (for survey rounds which are still open), but wish to be evaluated please contact your faculty SETU representative or Kristina Kaulenas (Manager Information Strategy & Surveys).

Survey Instrument

SETU questionnaires for each faculty can be found on the SETU Survey Instrument website

Survey Results

Unit evaluation quantitative data are available from:

Unit evaluation qualitative data are provided to each faculty's Associate Dean (Education) in the form of pdf reports of the open ended comments.

Teaching evaluation data are published in the portal under the ‘teaching' tab and then under ‘Teaching development'. These will only be accessible to the teacher that was evaluated

A new SETU intranet has been launched on 21 December 2012 to provide an interface for the distribution of qualitative and quantitative faculty data which previously used to be distributed via DvD to each faculty Associate Dean of Education (ADE) at the conclusion of each survey round. Please note that access to each faculties SETU data is restricted to the faculty ADE, Faculty Manager and selected staff as nominated by the faculty. Any requests for access to the site must be made via email to Kristina Kaulenas (Manager Information Strategy and Surveys - Office of Planning and Quality). All content on your faculties intranet is further protected - all zip files are encrypted and the faculty specific password has been provided to each ADE or equivalent.

To access the SETU intranet please click HERE.

Median Scores in the SETU reports

One of the key measures used in these reports is the ‘median'. The median shown in these reports is calculated under the assumption that the five point scale represents a continuous random variable rather than five discrete categories. For further information on how this measure is calculated please refer to the paper Methodology for the calculation of the median in the SETU reports (pdf 116kB).

iSETU - Informal Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units

The iSETU (Informal Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units) is a self-administered, informal evaluation of units and teaching that teaching staff can use to gain preliminary feedback from their students. Teaching staff may wish to administer either the unit based or teaching based iSETU to their students in the first half of semester (prior to week 6).

iSETU Questionnaire (Unit based - Preliminary Unit Design and Delivery Feedback) (pdf 40kB)
iSETU Questionnaire (Teaching Associate based - Preliminary Teaching Evaluation Feedback) (pdf 154kB)